Thinking of Installing Plastic Roofing on Your House?

Having a Roofing Service Professional Will Help You Choose the Best Plastic Roofing Materials

Normally, materials like slate, wood, or asphalt are used for roofing on residential homes and buildings; however, in some parts of the world, plastic roofing is becoming more common due to its durability, low price, and strict adherence to fire codes. When choosing such materials, it is recommended to purchase smaller panels referred to as shakes, instead of the bigger panels which are designed to mimic individual pieces. Because a roof is exposed to sunlight, panels will start to fade, which will create an uneven appearance that can quite frankly look unattractive. Smaller shakes look more natural, even if faded unevenly.

Make sure to do some research into plastic roofing, in order to know if they are in fact fire resistant enough for your regions building codes, or ask your local roofing service. In places like the Southwest of the United States, wood is banned for roofing, as it represents a fire hazard because of the extremely hot and dry climate. Plastic roofing can be used in its stead, as long as it is within fire codes and is durable enough to stand up to years of direct sunlight.

Plastic roofing materials are now available which will mimic the look of other roofing materials. Some look like wood, slate or even metal, which means you are not sacrificing any aesthetic appeal for functionality. One can even purchase plastic roofing which are made out of recycled materials, meaning your home is more environmentally friendly; however, doing this will cost slightly more.

If price is a concern, you can buy corrugated plastic roofing. These come in panels that are either nailed or screwed down to a roof. Sadly, this is not an attractive choice, nor is it the most durable; however, it does cut costs, and it is a good choice for any structure where aesthetics is not a primary worry.

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