Think You Can Use Any Roofer for Your Job?

What Is the Difference Between a Residential and Commercial Roofer?

Although some may say all roofs are the same, this is actually far from the truth. Each roof is unique with its design, installation and lifespan. There are several differences between a commercial and a residential roof, in addition to the warranties which are available for the roofing systems. Every roof needs to be properly installed by either an experienced commercial roofer or a residential roofing contractor. And, not all roofing materials are created equal. Which is why it is so important to understand which products will be the right ones for your roof.

Residential and commercial roofing differ mostly because of the size of the structure it has to encompass. A commercial one usually comes with a low pitch or completely flat. Flat roofs will require more inspections and routine maintenance. The design of a standard commercial roof has a few important factors which need to be taken into consideration. Which will include the area which has to be covered, and the weight of the material and snow load which it may need to accommodate. However, a residential roof will cause less worry regarding these structural considerations.

Roofing materials for both types of roofs will vary in price, lifespan and the appropriate installation of the product. Normally, a commercial roof has a flat, or almost flat, metal or membrane material. Residential roofs are usually steeper in pitch and have multiple roofing material choices.

It will require a professional and fully qualified roofer to meet the demands for every roofing project. He will be able to provide advice on what materials are right for each given situation. Roofing companies that have a reputation for quality and only employ skilled roofers will be in constant demand.

Common roofing choices that can be used in either residential or commercial roofing are listed below.

  • Metal panels, or standing seam
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Single sheet membranes

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